Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is an international double – blind peer reviewed, refereed and Indexed journal published in English and Hindi  for scholars, practitioners, and students. The Journal is welcoming original Research Articles, Book Reviews, Commentaries, Reviewed Articles, Technical Notes, Snippets, Case Studies, Books, Theses and Dissertations relevant to the fields of Science and Social Science Research. All types of articles submitted to the journal are double – blind peer reviewed and subject to be referred at the discretion of the Members of the Editorial Board for publication.

Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is listed on different indexing agencies such as Google Scholar, Directory of Research JournalIndexing, BASE-Bielefeld Academic Search Engine and Einstein Institute for Scientific Information(JIF)


Book publication is one of the motivational factors which enables the research scholars, academicians, students and intellectuals to share their thoughts and ideas with the aspirants of knowledge. Conventionally, publication transforms thoughts into transcripts, but it is now a compelling trend that thoughts be digitized. Publication means revealing “one to all”. Book publication is helping us share our thoughts, views, ideas from various fields of our interest. Apart from professional publishers and academic publishers, some of us may be interested in self-publishing our scripts, novels and story books. Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is supporting your needs for publishing your scripts and giving them global exposure with a good impact factor.


 Last Date of Online Manuscript Submission: 23 of Every Month

 Date of Online Publication: Last Day of Every Month